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Supporting The Practicalities of Your Digital Nomad Journey 

Starting an online business is the vehicle that allows you to work from anywhere. 

But with that comes practical implications including how to navigate Tax, Accomodation, Insurance, Visas and more. 

We are delighted to partner with some leading digital nomad providers to help you through this journey.

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Digital Nomad Tax 

Many people have practical questions when it comes to being a digital nomad, from deciding where is best to go, navigating time zones, how to make new friends and more. Another big headache is how to manage your taxes when working in different countries. 


That's why we've introduced the ImagineThat Lifestyle and Tax Consultation.


This consultation runs in two parts and is designed to help you feel much more comfortable with taking the leap of faith to work from anywhere. 

Part 1: Digital Nomad Lifestyle:


A 45 minute session for you to ask your main questions when it comes to adopting a digital nomad lifestyle. Learn the biggest tips and insights when it comes to becoming a digital nomad, including where to go, how to navigate different time zones, how to make new friends, how to optimise your routine and productivity hacks. Hear from someone who has done it before and learn what's needed to make this lifestyle a success. 

Part 2: Digital Nomad Tax 


A 45 minute Tax Consultation with our specialist tax advisor Stef Van Eysendeyk, who specialises in international taxation and has a breadth and depth of experience in this space working directly with aspiring and existing digital nomads. During this call, we will look at your current situation and discuss the key considerations from a tax perspective, tailored to your own individual plans. 

Image by Chris Abney

Digital Nomad Accomodation 

As a digital nomad or remote worker, trying to sort out your accommodation can be stressful and time consuming. Searching Airbnb and other platforms, trying to negotiate on price and worrying about the quality of the apartment or if it’ll even exist when you arrive. 


Not only that, but when you are enjoying one place, you soon have to spend time and energy thinking about where to go next and finding a new apartment all over again. In short, it can be exhausting. 


Luckily, some innovative providers are changing the game.

Flataway logo.png

Flataway allow digital nomads to work and live anywhere for a fixed monthly rent, covering multiple destinations.


Your accommodation is organised for you up front with trusted property managers, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy your stay without having to worry about where to go next. 


As part of our partnership with Flataway, we have created our own ImagineThat bundle designed especially for remote professionals and digital nomads. It’s in two destinations, Lisbon and Istanbul, two great hubs for working, networking and exploring. You can find out more here:


Want to go somewhere else? Use the code imaginethat to get €100 off this bundle and any other subscription living plan or bundle. 

Digital Nomad Insurance 

Let's face it, travelling around the world and being in different countries isn't without risk. One of the most important things to have as a digital nomad is insurance.


But it's not always straightforward. It's one thing going on holiday and getting out insurance for that destination, but what about when you're on the move and in multiple places?

Luckily, we're delighted to partner with some of the best digital nomad insurance providers out there.

SafetyWing logo

SafetyWing offers two fantastic services for digital nomads and remote workers. 


SafetyWing's Nomad Insurance provides coverage in 175+ countries and gives you complete control over when your policy starts and stops. They've recently expanded coverage to include electronic theft too, which is great given that many digital nomads would be lost without their laptop and phone!


Get the peace of mind and protect both yourself and your equipment today: 

SafetyWing's Nomad Health is another fantastic service they deliver. It provides you with a full suite of health coverage, including dental and vision care, mental health visits, routine vaccines and preventative screenings in 175 countries around the world. It's very easy to put your health on hold as a digital nomad, but maintaining your check-ups and having holistic care is essential.


If you’re a long term traveler, remote worker or expat, check out what Nomad Health gives you: 

Genki logo

Created for nomads by nomads, Genki aims to make health insurance simple and easy to understand. They offer two products, Genki Explorer (for backpackers and digital nomads) and Genki Native (for longer term travellers and slomads).


They cover care in every country worldwide and work with certified doctors, clinics and hospitals globally. They also offer telemedicine in both plans, which connects you to private doctors online from other parts of the world. Stuck on an island but want to speak to a doctor in London? No problem. 


Sign up via the link below and get started with monthly cover today for all your digital nomad adventures:

Image by Chris Abney

Digital Nomad Visas 

Digital Nomad Visas vary from country to country and the requirements can vastly differ depending on your country of residence, individual circumstances and many other factors like income, dependents and travel history.  


If you are looking to obtain a digital nomad VISA for a specific country and stay for a longer period of time, we recommend you work with a specialist immigration lawyer for that country and gain tailored advice based on your circumstances and the requirements for that specific country. There may also be other routes or VISA options, so it's best to work with an expert. 


We don't currently have an Immigration partner that provides services across multiple countries, however we have listed below our top picks where a digital nomad VISA is available.

  • Spain 

  • Portugal 

  • Croatia

  • Indonesia (Bali)

  • The UAE

  • Estonia

  • Costa Rica

  • Mexico 

Image by Chris Abney

Become An ImagineThat Partner 

If you are a specialist in the Digital Nomad space and would like to become an ImagineThat Partner please email:

ImagineThat does not hold any liability whatsover for the services provided by any and all third party providers. Please read our Terms of Service for further information.

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