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Book Digital Nomad Lifestyle & Tax

A two-part consultation focused on digital nomad lifestyle optimisation and tax efficiency.

What's Included

Many people have practical questions when it comes to being a digital nomad, from deciding where is best to go, navigating time zones, how to make new friends and more. Another big headache is how to manage your taxes when working in different countries.  This consultation is designed to help with exactly that, split into two separate 1:1 consultations, which will explore your needs and queries. Part 1: Digital Nomad Lifestyle: A 45 minute session for you to ask your main questions when it comes to adopting a digital nomad lifestyle. Learn the biggest tips and insights when it comes to becoming a digital nomad, including where to go, how to navigate different time zones, how to make new friends, how to optimise your routine and productivity hacks. Hear from someone who has done it before and learn what's needed to make this lifestyle a success.  Part 2: Digital Nomad Tax  A 45 minute Tax Consultation with our specialist tax advisor Stef Van Eysendeyk, who specialises in international taxation and has a breadth and depth of experience in this space working directly with aspiring and existing digital nomads. During this call, we will look at your current situation and discuss the key considerations from a tax perspective, tailored to your own individual plans.  When you book, you are booking the first consultation. The second tax consultation will be arranged directly with you and our tax advisor.

  • 380 British pounds


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