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From The Founder

My name is Niluka Kavanagh 

I'm the Founder of ImagineThat. After having my own coaching business and tech business and having worked in 7+ countries across the world, I've seen that it is entirely possible to work for yourself and work from anywhere - and just how utterly enriching this experience can be. Now, I want to help others do the same. 

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About Us

About ImagineThat

We believe in freedom.

Digital Entrepreneurship, Online Services Business and The Creator Economy mean its now entirely possible to start your own online services business and WFA (work from anywhere).

The problem is many people don't know how to do this. That's where we come in.


We offer support across two levels, dependent on where you are in your journey. 

Level One is Career Transition Support focused on giving you mentorship and coaching so that you reach your career goals to work for yourself and gain location freedom.  

Level Two is the ImagineThat Business Academy a three-month cohort based programme designed to teach you the exact steps needed to start monetising your skills and build a services business (as a coach, consultant or provider). 

Image by Chris Abney

You can work for yourself and work from anywhere. You no longer have to choose between career and travel.


Who Are We For?

  • You no longer want to settle for the 9-5 status quo of wake up, go to work, come home, have dinner, watch TV and repeat for the next 30 years.

  • You have this dream of building your own thing and working for yourself but don't know where to start or if you're capable of doing it.

  • You're done working in roles that are draining your energy. You're ready to bet on yourself and start creating a career on your own terms.

  • You no longer want to ask for permission to go on annual leave and see the world for a few weeks each year. You want the option to combine your career with travel and work from anywhere. 

  • You want to set your own schedule and remove yourself from the frustrating world of office politics.

  • You're done with get-rich-quick schemes and all the social media nonsense on making money online. You want a realistic and sustainable way to do it using your strengths.

  • You need someone to hold you accountable and guide you with strategic planning, insights and practical advice. 

  • You might already work freelance or have tried a few of your services with some first clients but you need more stable business foundations.

How It Started


In 2022, I left my corporate job as a well paid consultant in London to work on my own business and become a digital nomad.

I was doing well in London, but I craved more. I was ready to take the next step in my professional career and use my skills and talent in a way that would give me a greater degree of freedom.

So I set out with a simple hypothesis.

Is it possible to work for yourself and work from anywhere?

I set foot in 7 destinations across the world, while working on a tech start-up which we launched and took to market and an online public speaking business where I helped over 500 people globally. 


During the journey, I met 100's of other nomadic entrepreneurs. 

So it is possible, I realised.

I saw just how enriching working for yourself and working from anywhere can be, gaining enormous cultural capital along the way. 

But despite the glamour, it wasn't easy. 


I know that building a business and doing so 100% remotely isn’t easy! I also know it can be hugely lonely at times with no team around you or peers doing the same. 


There are things I wish I had known back when I started this journey. I wish I had the right support, mentorship and guidance from someone like me who had been there before.

There was no role-model or organisation to help support me in the change from corporate to solopreneur, from London living to nomad.


Despite the Instagram gurus, trying to figure out how to make money online through offering a service isn't as easy as it sounds. 

It can take years of research and time. And it can also be lonely with no one around you who is doing the same.


That's where we come in. We want to speed up the process for you and collapse time. 


We help others a) work for themselves and b) work from anywhere through Careers and Business Support.

Your career shouldn't be something you need to escape from. 



Image by Chris Abney
It's rare in your professional life to come across an individual like Niluka. Niluka is brave, passionate, entrepreneurial, strategic and creative along with being an exceptional communicator. She is also very humble, down to earth and kind which are qualities I value and admire hugely. The results that Niluka achieves for her clients is matched in spades by the way she delivers them and her ability to build highly personalised relationships that she continues to nurture. Anyone who has the pleasure of working alongside Niluka is incredibly lucky.

 Gillian McLaughlin, Former Head of Marketing Strategy at Standard Chartered

Ex-KPMG Consultant

As a former Manager and Project Lead at one of the top global consulting firms, KPMG LLP, I have a breadth and depth of experience helping global organisations. Previous clients include Mastercard, Tesco and LSEG. I was also Head of Communications for KPMG SheCan and created the first Behavioural Science Unit. Ihave experience in brand, marketing and customer strategy, plus wider experience in commercial management and general strategy. This variety means I can now support others when starting their own business ventures. 

2x Entrepreneur

Rather than only helping other companies, I have also had two of my own businesses, one in the online coaching space (a public speaking business where I worked with 500+ clients around the world through 1:1 coaching and workshops) and one in the technology sector (a tech start-up which I took to market). Being an entrepreneur means getting your hands dirty - seeing what works and what doesn't "in real life". I pass this knowledge on, having been there myself. 

Content Creator & Influencer

Online services is predominantly people led. When starting a business of this kind, it’s important to have a personal brand and know how to use that brand to drive leads. My social channels have over 10,000 followers combined and my YouTube channel has already helped other people looking to take a leap of faith. I have had articles published by The World Financial Review and lectured for both Trinity and Edinburgh Business School. I hope to show others how they, too, can become thought-leaders in their niche and become more visible.

Oxford University Graduate

I graduated from Oxford University in English Literature and Language. This education taught me a lot, including in critical thinking. After graduation I was selected as one of the alumni ambassadors for Somerville College and was responsible for building alumni relations. To this day, I still aim to bring the academic rigour I learnt at Oxford into my work. 

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