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Where Ambition Meets Adventure

The Business School For Digital Nomads And Solopreneurs 

We help ambitious but bored professionals start working for themselves and gain location freedom.

Join our clients and over 500+ people in the community today.

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We believe in freedom.

Digital Entrepreneurship, Online Services Business and The Creator Economy mean its now entirely possible to start your own online services business and WFA (work from anywhere).

The problem is many people don't know how to do this. That's where we come in.


We offer support across two levels, dependent on where you are in your journey. 

Level One is Career Transition Support focused on giving you mentorship and coaching so that you  reach your career goals to work for yourself and gain location freedom.  

Level Two is the ImagineThat Business Academy a three-month cohort based programme designed to teach you the exact steps needed to start monetising your skills and build a services business (as a coach, consultant or provider). 

The world of work has changed. As many as 1 in 3 professionals are set to have more location freedom by 2035.

The online coaching and consulting sector is predicted to reach $350 billion a year by 2035. 

Who Are We For?

  • You no longer want to settle for the 9-5 status quo of wake up, go to work, come home, have dinner, watch TV and repeat for the next 30 years.

  • You have this dream of building your own thing and working for yourself but don't know where to start or if you're capable of doing it.

  • You're done working in roles that are draining your energy. You're ready to bet on yourself and start creating a career on your own terms.​

  • You no longer want to ask for permission to go on annual leave and see the world for a few weeks each year. You want the option to combine your career with travel and work from anywhere. 

  • You want to set your own schedule and remove yourself from the frustrating world of office politics.

  • You're done with get-rich-quick schemes and all the social media nonsense on making money online. You want a realistic and sustainable way to do it using your strengths.

  • You need someone to hold you accountable and guide you with strategic planning, insights and practical advice. 

  • You might already work freelance or have tried a few of your services with some first clients but you need more stable business foundations.

Apply For The ImagineThat
Business Academy 

4 spaces left. Sign Up Before 30th July.

For aspiring online coaches, consultants and service providers.

The ImagineThat Business Academy is our 3-month programme for those serious about launching their own online business and winning their first client.

Covering the who, what and why, this is our flagship programme designed especially for corporate professionals who want to work independently online.

It also includes the option to include 'done for you' services such as website creation.

Next cohort starts September. Apply before July 30th. 

Image by Chris Abney
"I came across ImagineThat on LinkedIn and saw it was a really cool concept for anyone who wants to work for themselves and work from anywhere. I want to go into immigration consulting and although I have already done previous planning, the Academy and Niluka showed me my blind spots and how I can better leverage the activities I was currently doing. I found the customer modules the most helpful as I had not put so much thought into this as I should. I now know the different segments I should go after, as well as how to better position myself and stand out."
- Valery, London

The Right Support, Based On Where You Are Now

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“I want a career where I can work for myself and work from anywhere.

However, I need support with understanding my options and how to plan ahead to make this pivot from my existing position.

I lack clarity and need someone who can help me put together a plan based on my career goals. I may not yet have an online business idea and need help finding what I should do.”

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“I know the area I want to consult, coach or independently offer my service in. I have expertise that can add value to others online.

However, I don’t know how to move my idea forwards or put that into action. I need help with the first steps required to start working independently, especially my positioning, brand, offer and business model so I can make sales and win clients. 

I need someone who give me practical advice and guidance in my business."

Image by Chris Abney

Book a Free 

A 25 minute consultation with our founder Niluka Kavanagh to discuss your needs. 

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