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This 30 page guide is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to start their own online services business and become a digital nomad (or someone with location freedom). 


From dispelling common myths to the key principles and stages you need to follow, this is a great resource for aspiring online coaches, consultants and other service providers.




  • Common myths about starting an online services business and becoming a digital nomad
  • Key considerations if you’re thinking about starting an online services business as a gateway to having location freedom
  • The fundamental principles of launching your own coaching, consulting or service provider business 
  • The steps you need to take to launch an online services business, broken down into the three core stages of build, market and scale 
  • Online services business starter checklist, designed to help you assess yourself across the three stages and identify your main weaknesses 
  • How to thrive as a digital nomad while also running an online business
  • Further support, information and guidance


The guide is usually £20 but it's currently available for £11.99.

How To Become A Digital Nomad Through Starting An Online Services Business

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