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Everything I Know As A Digital Nomad Who Has Worked From Anywhere For 15 months+

‘I just want to take my laptop and go and work on my own things abroad’.

I distinctly remember the phone call I had with my mum in November 2021.

I remember feeling frustrated – that I could perform my job remotely yet was still living in my London flat. That the world of work had changed since the pandemic – it had opened up so many opportunities and potential, yet I felt like I wasn't making the most of it.

Fast forward to November 2023 and things look very different. Over the last 15 months, I’ve lived in 6 different cities abroad and during that time also taken a tech start-up to market. 

I’ve had my eyes opened to a completely different approach to work / life and I’ve seen what’s possible. So much so, that I’m now helping others do the same through ImagineThat particularly when it comes to starting their own online business. 

During my journey, I’ve met hundreds of entrepreneurs, remote workers, digital nomads, marketers, developers, freelancers and more. All of whom now enjoy a level of location freedom.

One thing these people have in common is that they all have a drive and lust for life as well as their career. 

Having WFA myself, here’s an honest account of the top things I have learnt. 

It will push you out of your comfort zone 

Nothing will prepare you for taking a plane to a city you’ve never been before, alone, knowing no one. Having to navigate a new culture, new surroundings all while hustling in your business / job / project. I didn’t really appreciate how much I would feel stretched and uncomfortable, but it’s fair to say that it will truly grow you as a person. 

It’s not as glamorous as it sounds

Despite the Instagram influencers, digital nomadism is not all laptops on beaches. I have to tell people time and time again that most of my time is spent indoors working – much like everyone else. Yes, you get to explore and travel at the weekends and maybe the evenings, but it’s not always a rosy lifestyle. Add to that booking planes / accommodation / transport and it can be pretty unglamorous and exhausting. 

It will enrich your life in so many ways 

That said, WFA will enrich your life in SO many ways. It was only in September this year that I realised I hadn’t taken a proper holiday since the previous year. I guess because I felt that I didn’t need to (in the end though, I did – for rest and recuperation rather than for anything else!) Because when you WFA you are already in the places that you would usually dream of going on holiday. This is an incredible feeling and enriches your quality of life in so many ways – imagine going for an 8am swim in the Mediterranean Sea before you start work for the day. You can’t beat it. 

It can be lonely

But.. it can feel lonely at times. Especially if you are going solo. 60% of digital nomads are single and work far away from their colleagues. I have to admit, landing in a new city 6 times knowing no one can be tough. Luckily for me, I really enjoy meeting new people and often find my community in every place I go. I’ve lost count of the inspiring, kind and interesting individuals I have met on this journey. But that’s not to say I don’t get lonely sometimes. It can be hard being away from family, colleagues and friends at home.

It is not forever 

Which brings me on to the last point. WFA is not forever. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure some people will want to adopt this lifestyle their whole life, but for me it is best approached as an incredible chapter in your life when you are free and don’t have many commitments. Eventually, you may want to build a permanent community, start a family or simply stay put. For me personally, I like the idea of having a 'fluid' base – a place that is yours where you stay most of the time, but for a few months each year go where you wish. 

That's the power of having an online services business - the option to work from anywhere when you want.

Closing thoughts

When I started my journey in June 2022 and hopped on a plane to Valencia, I had only planned to go abroad for 3 months. 

The fact that it’s now been 15 months says something. Even if there are some downsides, the upsides have far outweighed these in so many ways. 

Because the truth is, this experience will change you. 

It will open up so many doors. 

And it will show you that hey – the internet, technology and remote work has meant we can live a life on our own terms. 

So why don’t we? 

If you are interested in becoming a digital nomad and starting your own online services business follow us on Instagram @imaginethatclub and check out our website


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