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Helping you consult independently 

As a consultant in an organisation, chances are you are very skilled and experienced in your area of expertise. However moving to being a solopreneur and consulting independently is not easy - especially when it comes to your brand, marketing and attracting leads. That's where we come in. 

Introducing the 
Solopreneur Consultant Programme.

Are you a consultant currently working for an organisation who wants to go independent and have location freedom? 

Whether you're a tax specialist, fintech lawyer or immigration consultant, getting your positioning right, knowing how to create compelling marketing message and attracting the right leads is key to getting started. 

We help consultants start working for themselves by helping specifically with all things brand and marketing.

Image by Chris Abney

We help consultants transition to solopreneurs & independent contractors and win their first client. 

Image by Chris Abney

Understand the essentials

Struggle with brand and marketing? Get 1:1 coaching on core topics including:

  • Developing your ideal customer persona

  • Refining and articulating your niche

  • Creating a brand strategy for your business

  • Elevating your own personal brand

  • Crafting compelling marketing messages

  • Developing an online presence

  • Using social media to attract leads 

  • Pitching your business

Tailored to your business

We don't take a cookie-cutter approach to our programme. The marketing for a tax consultant for single parents is very different to the marketing for an immigration specialist working with fintech clients. We also know that those who work with us will be strong and weak in different areas, so we tailor towards that. 

Refine elements together

Our programme is not just theory. We believe action gets you further. That's why we will work with you on your brand and marketing as you start to build materials. Use us to test ideas with, share your content and get an independent sounding board to refine and improve together. Whether it's collaborating on your website design or improving your social media copy, we are here.

Ongoing support 

It takes time to build your brand and consult independently. We are in it for the long game and we work with people who see the benefits that come overtime. That's why our programme includes ongoing support, advice and check-ins for anywhere up to 6 months.

What People Have Said

This programme is run by our founder, Niluka Kavanaghwho specialises in brand and marketing and was previously in the corporate world in your shoes before.

"Niluka is a phenomenal marketer, strategist, product lead, customer, copywriter. It's rare in your professional life to come across an individual like Niluka. Niluka is brave, passionate, entrepreneurial, strategic and creative along with being an exceptional communicator. The results that Niluka achieves for her clients is matched in spades by the way she delivers them."

- Gillian McLaughlin, Former Head of Marketing Strategy at Standard Chartered

"Niluka truly excels in both her analytical and creative thinking. She applies both simultaneously to solve client challenges with a refreshing ease and elegance that few possess."

-Joanna Stringer, Managing Director & Partner at BCG 

"Niluka is super smart and has a natural creative flair. Her experience in marketing, brand and customer really shines through - I learnt a lot while working with her and can see she is also very commercial too in how she approaches business."

-Kat Haddow, Former Marketing Assistant 

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