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How To Become A Digital Nomad Through Starting An Online Services Business

Get this 30 page guide from ImagineThat, packed with information about starting your own services business.


From dispelling common myths to the key principles and stages you need to follow, this is a great resource for anyone thinking about starting an online services business and working from anywhere as a digital nomad. 


It is intended for aspiring online coaches, consultants and other service providers. It also includes our flagship online business starter checklist, designed to assess your online business readiness. 

"This guide is a goldmine and adds way more value than any other guides or information I've downloaded in the digital nomad space, 100% recommend. It's also written by someone credible who has actually been there before and can walk the talk." - Jay, Belgium

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Learn more about digital nomadism
and online business

Check out our blog written by Niluka Kavanagh to read her perspective on digital nomadism and online business. From first-hand stories, to practical advice and tips, it's a great way to learn more if you're starting out. 

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Use this starter guide to assess crucial aspects of your business readiness across the core pillars of build, market and scale. 

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Check Out These Useful Links 

Nomad List logo

NomadList is the number 1 global community for remote workers living and travelling around the world. Featured by The New York Times, The BBC and CNN, this is a one-stop-hub for all the information and guidance needed as a digital nomad. It's become especially famous for their rankings on which cities are most suitable for digital nomads.

Digital Nomad World logo

Digital Nomad World is another fantastic community for digital nomads, containing various resources alongside helpful benefits and discounts. It also offers a suite of consultations with specialists from immigration lawyers to real estate advisors. This is a great place to get some of your remote work and digital nomad questions answered.  

Residencies Io logo is a great platform for those looking to gain residency in another country. Packed with data, understand what is required to immigrate to certain countries, including how many years it takes to gain citizenship. Ideal for remote workers looking to move abroad on a longer term, 'slomad' basis.

Nomad Her logo

NomadHer is the number one travel app dedicated for solo female travellers. If you're a solo female working remotely, this app is a fantastic way to connect with other like-minded women. With over 100,000 members, the community is a great place to get support and feel inspired by other female digital nomads. 

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