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Taking you to the next level

Already an online business owner but feel like you are struggling? The ImagineThat Ignition is designed to trouble-shoot your biggest problem area and offer an independent sounding board for your business. Test ideas and discuss potential solutions together. 

Introducing the 
Ignition Consultation.

Are you struggling in your online business?

Maybe you aren't sure how to attract clients to your business. Maybe you haven't built an offer that really stands out.

Sometimes it can feel really isolating and like you have tunnel-vision.

That's where the Ignition Consultation comes in - an opportunity for you to test ideas and discuss your main challenge with an experienced, independent sounding board and gain a fresh perspective. 

How it works


Complete the consultation form when you book, specifying the area you most require help with and what you want to focus on in the session.


Provide materials, your website and anything else that you are currently using for your online business.  


A 90 minute in-depth consultation focused on your specific area of challenge.

Together we will unpick your your current approach, test ideas and trouble-shoot the main problem. 

We will ideate potential solutions and consider the best route forwards for your business. 


After the session, you will be provided with a report that summarises the main findings from the consultation with actionable next steps to take forwards. 

You will also have the chance to book up to 3 ImagineThat Academy modules at half the usual price. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

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