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Starting a business as an online service provider is not easy. That's where ImagineThat comes in. Perhaps you struggle with marketing and need help with content, or have questions around running a business fully remote as a digital nomad. 

Introducing The ImagineThat Academy.
Learn How To Launch An Online Business.

When it comes to starting a services business there are many questions you might have. Whether it's how to sell and find clients, how to differentiate yourself in a crowded digital world, or how to create an irresistible offer in the first place.

The ImagineThat Academy is our flagship programme that covers the end-to-end of how to build, market & scale your online business.

It is intended to collapse time and prevent you feeling overwhelmed, giving you a clear step by step programme to follow. You will also have activities to complete each month to ensure you make progress throughout the course. 

Phase 1: Build your business

1. Business Foundations

Understand what the core vision and mission of your business is. Get clear on the tangible results you want to create in your clients and your reason for existence. 

Explore the business mindset, confidence and approach needed to succeed in online business.

2. Niche and Customer Research

Find your profitable niche and what will differentiate you in the market. Understand how to conduct effective market research so you can create a set of customer personas and understand exactly who you are targeting. 

3. Digital Service Offer

Create high quality offers that your clients will love. Understand how to develop a structured offering that will create transformation and deliver results. Explore how to build different tiers and offerings based on the customer journey and personas, so you can support clients no matter what stage they are in.

Phase 2: Market your business

4. Brand Identity 

Create a stand-out brand with a core identity that will attract clients. Identify your brand persona, brand values and what you stand for. Learn how to position your brand in the market against competitors and create value signals that will attract clients.

5. Social Media and Marketing Messaging 

Learn how to use social media to attract leads. Understand the best platforms to use, how to create an effective social media strategy and how to develop stand-out marketing messaging that prospects simply can't ignore. 

6. Lead Gen Training 

Learn how to create a free masterclass that will attract your ideal leads and convert them into paying customers. Understand how to filter and qualify prospects and develop a bank of resources that will attract your target customer and provide them with value early on.

Phase 3: Scale your business

7. Sales Strategy 

Understand how to convert leads into paying clients and develop your elevator pitch. Learn about the best sales techniques for online business owners. Know exactly what to say in sales calls, how to negotiate and how to handle objections, so you feel more confident when it comes to selling.

8. Business Operations and Implications

Create the operations for running a business fully remote. Understand what tech and tools can help your business run smoothy, as well as business set-up and legal considerations. Learn how to run a business efficiently as a digital nomad and the key practical factors to consider.

9. Scale & Iteration

Understand how and if you should scale in the longer term. Learn how to constantly iterate and gain feedback from clients to improve your offering and grow your profitable online business. Learn about automation and other ways you could scale in future based on your own vision for the business. 

Image by Chris Abney

Our mission is that everyone who comes through the Academy is ready to launch their online services business.

They know what they stand for, who they are for and how to run their business. 

Image by Chris Abney

PLUS Additional Support 

  • Public Speaking and Pitch Coaching - a 1:1 public speaking coaching session to practice your elevator pitch and presentation skills (worth £140) 

  • Online Services Business Check-list to assess your readiness 

  • The ImagineThat Guide "How to become a digital nomad through starting an online services business"

  • 1:1 Digital Nomad Tax Consultation (optional) - an optional consultation with an international specialist tax advisor who specialises in digital nomad tax 

  • ImagineThat Partner Network - access to digital nomad specialists to help with all your practical needs 

Our May Programme Is Now Closed.
Please Email Us To Secure Your Spot In The Next Cohort.
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