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Our Events and Community

Starting an online business and working from anywhere can feel like a big career change. That's why we created the ImagineThat community, which has over 500 members and counting.


Come along to our events and join our groups to meet other like-minded individuals.

Image by Kylie Lugo

Attend Our Upcoming Events

Join 500+ Members in the Free ImagineThat Community

Subscribe to our free mailing list

If you want to receive updates, information, tips and advice when it comes to online services business and being a nomadic solopreneur, join over 200 people in the ImagineThat mailing list. 

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Stay up to date with events

We have our own dedicated meetup group 'The Digital Nomad Business School' with over 400 members and counting. 


This is a great way to stay up to date with upcoming webinars and masterclasses. 

Meet like minded people 

Join the FB group 'The Digital Nomad Business School' to connect with like-minded people who are also looking to start an online business. 


This is an informal group and allows you to meet others from around the world interested in the space. 

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