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Here to help you pivot

Your career is one of the most important things in your life. Not only is it how you make money, but it's also how you spend roughly 90,000 hours of your time. That means it's important to do something that brings you fulfilment on your terms. That is where our careers transition support comes in. 

Level 1 - Career Transition Support 

Portrait of tired young woman working wi
"I had a lot of questions when it came to working for myself. I had so many ideas in my head on how to get there, but didn't know what was best and how to start putting the pieces into place. I now have a much clearer idea of which path to take and what I should do over the next 12 months so that I can reach my goals and be in the best position to start nomadding."

Our Career Transition Support is for those who feel stuck in their career and want guidance when it comes to working for themselves and / or having location freedom.

We focus on helping you create a clear plan of action, find your business idea and actually begin the process to transition from corporate to solopreneur.

Whether you're a graduate or a senior executive, our career coaching is for you. 

Our theme is that we work with people who want to work independently or gain location freedom.

Best for: 

  • Those who don’t yet have an online services business idea and need help deciding what to do

  • Those who struggle with confidence and lack the belief to start working for themselves

  • Those who want location freedom and want to understand the options to get there

  • Those in their career who want to pivot from their existing role or career but don't know how

  • Those who have recently graduated and want to put together a clear plan for the future 

A Three-Step Careers Programme

1) Discover

Our career support runs in three stages outlined below.

This stage is about discovering you - your situation, your experience, your background, your experience, your goals, your stressors, your existing challenges and more.

2) Define

This stage is about defining exactly what it is you want to achieve in your career, on both a professional and personal level. We will look at your goals and ideal end-state and define exactly what that looks like, including your mission and purpose in your career.

3) Design

We will identify the possible routes to get to your ideal career state and goals. We will work together to design an action plan for the future so you have something tangible to work towards over the next 3, 6 or 12 months.

Image by Kristin Wilson
What We Help With

We tailor our careers coaching to you and your needs. Everyone’s situation is different and our support varies based on what you need.

However, here are some example areas we can support with.

  • Help with assessing and selecting your online services business idea 

  • Support and available routes to becoming a digital nomad

  • Help identifying your career goals, values and purpose based on what matters most to you

  • A skills and strengths assessment to understand what area you could potentially start a business in

  • Help with finding your online services business idea and identifying your niche

  • Financial strategic planning for you to start working on your business while still making an income

  • Mind-set shift support required to work for yourself and work from anywhere 

  • Personal brand, resume and LinkedIn support based on your area of expertise

How It Works


  • 4X 1:1 careers coaching sessions based on the Discover, Define and Design stages

  • A step-by-step action plan on how to transition from your current (”as is”) state to your ideal future state, based on your individual goals

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